Making Always Discreet incontinence product packaging more accessible with NaviLens codes


We’re proud to announce that we have just launched new packaging containing innovative NaviLens codes to improve product accessibility for blind and partially sighted customers. In a first for the category, Always Discreet has partnered with the NaviLens technology to better enable all women suffering with bladder leaks to find the products they need on shelf.

Always Discreet and NaviLens partnership

In the UK there are more than two million people living with sight loss and 340,000 people are registered blind or partially sighted . Daily tasks such as shopping can be a significant challenge. NaviLens can help with such tasks as the printed codes can be scanned at a distance with a smartphone and the free app to allow users to hear the information stored within them, such as packaging information and usage instructions. The Always Discreet and NaviLens partnership has the potential to improve access for this community to a product range which can be intimidating or embarrassing for many women.

What is NaviLens?

NaviLens is a navigation and labelling app used globally. Similar to QR codes, the NaviLens codes can be scanned using a smartphone camera and a free app, to hear what information is stored within them. NaviLens empowers people with sight loss to identify items and gather information about them.

How do I use NaviLens code?

The user downloads and opens the free NaviLens app on their smart phone and points in the general direction of the shelf. The code will get detected by the phone’s camera and app and can show you the product information via your smart phone in the same way your accessibility settings are set too such as large text. The packaging information can also be read aloud to you (tip you can wear headphones).
The information will appear and be read out aloud in the language your phone is set to, for example, if you phone is in Spanish, it will show the information in Spanish. This will help people who may not have English as their first language to better access our product information. This is also really helpful for people who have literacy challenges such as dyslexia.

Additionally, when you find the product of choice through the NaviLens app and click the locate button, it can guide you via sound and arrows to the product. This can allow blind and partially sighted people to independently locate and lift the product off the shelf if they wish.

Check out the video tutorial from NaviLens here:

Always Discreet incontinence product packaging with NaviLens codes

From March 2023, four of the most loved Always Discreet incontinence pads and pants products will feature NaviLens on the front of the packaging, as part of a pilot initiative.

Everyone has the right to know what they’re buying so by integrating NaviLens to the front of our Always Discreet packs, the brand is further enabling this for all. This is one of the first steps towards improving accessibility and representation in the Always Discreet incontinence product design and marketing.

For iOS, download NaviLens from the App Store for iPhone here

For android, download NaviLens from the Google Play Store here

[1]Source: RNIB, 2023