Incontinence pants by Always Discreet

How do I know what size Always Discreet Pants I should buy?

Always Discreet Pants are available in two different sizes – Medium or Large, with each of these sizes available in both the normal and plus absorbency size. Sizing details:

Medium is designed for UK size 10-16

Large is designed for UK size 16-22

Always Discreet Pants are too small/too large, etc.

Always Discreet disposable pants are designed to fit like regular underwear, so the sizing chart, which includes waist circumference on the back of the package, is a guide to the size of Always Discreet Pants that you should try first. If you feel that the size you chose doesn’t fit properly (too small/ too large, etc.), try moving to the next larger or smaller size available.

Call UK 0800 169 4906, Ireland 1800 509 203 to try sizes before purchasing a larger pack.

How can I tell the front from the back for Always Discreet Pants?

Always Discreet Pants have a definite front and back and it is important to wear them correctly to get the best wearing experience. Look in the waist area for purple elastics. These purple elastics need to be placed in the back as you apply them. This is also called out in numerous places on the package to remind you.

Can I tear the sides to remove the Always Discreet Pants?

YES, if you like you can tear the sides of Always Discreet Pants.

How are Always Discreet Pants constructed? How does Always Discreet Pants work?

The sides and waist are made from a non-woven material that provides a soft cotton-like fabric feel. Inside this non-woven area is the absorbent portion or core area. Many years of technical expertise went into the core design of Always Discreet Pants and this core was designed to help pull, trap and lock away wetness and odour. The core also contains Absorbent Gel Material (AGM), which helps lock the fluid away from your body. Behind the core is an additional protective barrier, which helps keeps your clothing dry.

Why is there elastic/cuffs/barriers on Always Discreet Pants?

The cuffs/barriers, made of non-woven material with elastics inside, are designed to help stop leaks in the leg area, as that is where most leaks occur.

How often should Always Discreet Pants be changed?

You should change your Always Discreet Pants based on your personal needs.

How long should Always Discreet Pants be worn?

We recommend that you wear Always Discreet Pants for whatever duration is appropriate for your personal needs.

Try wearing products designed for bladder leaks such as Always Discreet liners, pads, and underwear to protect against incontinence. They absorb liquids and odours within seconds, to help you stay comfortable. Plus, they come in different sizes and absorbencies to meet a wide range of protection needs.