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Environment and sustainability with Always Discreet

Can Always Discreet be flushed down the toilet?

No. Always Discreet products should be placed in household waste for disposal.

Are Always Discreet products biodegradable?

While portions of the absorbent core of Always Discreet products may break down in the right conditions, like all disposable feminine hygiene products, Always Discreet is intended to be placed in household waste for disposal.

How does Always Discreet help with sustainability?

Always Discreet products are thin to help reduce the impact of waste.

Does Always Discreet assure that it is compatible with the environment?

Always Discreet products, like all of our Always products, go through a rigorous assessment of how they may be handled by various waste systems. Based on that information, we provide instructions for suitable disposal of the product. Always Discreet products are not flushable and should be disposed in household waste.

Is Always Discreet packaging recyclable?

Our packaging can be recycled by local recycling organisations that accept printed polyethylene films. Check with your local recycler to confirm.

Has Always Discreet, or P&G FemCare, made advances in sustainable manufacturing?

Yes. Our FemCare business has made important advances in sustainable manufacturing. For example, of the ten FemCare manufacturing plants worldwide, eight are Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill certified plants. In addition, our Crailsheim Plant in Germany has the largest installation of solar panels in P&G and one of our most energy-efficient Distribution Centres in the world. See www.pg.co.uk/sustainability for more details.

How does P&G implement sustainability within the Company?

Sustainability comes to life through what we do as a company, providing branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers, and how we do it, through our values, principles and management systems.

What sustainability commitments has P&G made?

P&G’s sustainability programme is inspired by our long-term environmental vision, which includes:

  • Powering our plants with 100 percent renewable energy

  • Using 100 percent renewable or recycled materials in all products and packaging

  • Having zero consumer or manufacturing waste going to landfills

  • Designing products that delight consumers while maximising the conservation of resources

What sustainability recognitions has P&G received?

  • P&G has been a member of the FTSE4 Good and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices since their inception.

  • P&G is listed on the Corporate Knights Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable corporations and on Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens list.