1 in 2 women may experience bladder leaks during the menopause yet new research by Always Discreet reveals that less than half of women in the UK are aware that bladder leaks can be a common symptom of the menopause.

The research also revealed that over 50% of women who experience bladder leaks during menopause are not sure they would want to discuss it with anyone, citing embarrassment (19%) as the main reason. As a result of not confronting their experience, only 9% of women are doing pelvic floor exercises as often as they should, and 30% admitting to not doing them at all, despite it being expertly proven that daily pelvic floor exercises can be effective in reducing or even preventing bladder leaks at menopause.
The lack of conversation and awareness around bladder leaks at menopause also means that women are not seeking help, with only 36% prepared to speak to a GP about their bladder leaks. In fact, a staggering 57% of women in the UK claimed they have no idea how to do pelvic floor exercises however 76% said they would be more likely to exercise their pelvic floor regularly if they had better advice and guidance on the subject. This is why Always Discreet, British broadcaster, author of Cracking the Menopause and Chair of Menopause Mandate, Mariella Frostrup and TV GP and menopause expert Dr Phillipa Kaye are on a mission to make bladder leak prevention and management during menopause a habit that every woman forms. As the brand that helps to take care of women’s bladder leaks, Always Discreet is empowering women to “squeeze the day, every day” – every pelvic floor exercise, whether at home, at the bus stop or even at your desk, will make a big difference.

Mariella Frostrup says; “Supporting women through the menopause is something I feel incredibly passionate about. For too long women going through this natural life stage have been made to feel ashamed and therefore reluctant to share what can be debilitating symptoms, a long list on which bladder leaks features highly. I believe it’s important to remove the stigma and normalise the side effects so women feel they are not alone. That’s why I’m championing the Squeeze the day campaign with Always Discreet – so that we can support women by breaking down taboos and empower them to make their pelvic floor exercises part of daily life. My mum was a pioneer in encouraging me so to this day I do mine every day.. everywhere”

Dr Philippa Kaye also provides her expert advice; "Pelvic floor health is so important for women, particularly during and after menopause when your pelvic muscles can become weaker due to the drop in oestrogen, reducing your bladder support and ability to hold urine. I often see patients experiencing bladder leaks during menopause and my advice is always carry out daily pelvic floor strengthening exercises because they are expertly proven to reduce bladder leaks. I am delighted to join Always Discreet on this mission to help make pelvic floor squeezes a daily habit and ensure UK women feel supported in their menopause journey.

Emma Gerrard, Brand Director of Always Discreet UK, also says: “We are incredibly proud to be supporting the 1 in 2 women who may experience bladder leaks as a symptom of menopause by not only raising awareness of the importance of squeezing the day, every day, but also how easy it is to incorporate pelvic floor exercises into your daily routine, when you know how.”

This World Menopause Month, Always Discreet is asking women to commit to setting a “squeeze” reminder on their phone every day and encourage a friend to do the same. If you are one of the 57% of UK women who isn’t sure how to do pelvic floor exercises, find out how at our Always Discreet Menopause Hub, and for bladder leak protection, use Always Discreet. As a first step, if you have any concerns regarding bladder weakness, or pelvic floor discomfort, we always recommend speaking to your GP.

Research was commissioned by Always Discreet with 72Point with 1200 women in July 2023

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[1]Research was commissioned by Always Discreet with 72Point with 1200 women in July 2023