Two women talking

Let’s Redefine Menopause!

Menopause is so much more than “when your period stops”.

With the topic still considered a taboo, it’s no wonder 2 in 3 women feel unprepared and surprised by it ("The Invisibility Report" by Gen-M, Oct 2020).

Always Discreet is on a mission to redefine menopause & empower women during this time of their life, by driving education to help them understand and manage their menopause symptoms with confidence!

With 50+ associated signs, which aren’t covered by the current menopause definition, we want to capture the diversity of all the unique experiences by celebrating real women’s stories and showcasing what living their menopause, their way, means.

Let’s redefine menopause together because you live it. You define it. Watch them share their real stories & experiences below!

Share your definition on Instagram and hashtag #RedefineMenopause to join us on this journey!

Try wearing products designed for bladder leaks such as Always Discreet liners, pads, and underwear to protect against incontinence. They absorb liquids and odours within seconds, to help you stay comfortable. Plus, they come in different sizes and absorbencies to meet a wide range of protection needs.

* While Always Discreet products are not designed to help with menopause, they are designed to provide protection for bladder leaks, a symptom that may be experienced during menopause, so that those using our product can feel more protected & comfortable, enabling them to continue living their life to the fullest!

* Over The Bloody Moon is a team of clinicians and menopause specialists, sharing their tools of the trade to educate, equip and empower people through menopause. Over The Bloody Moon runs regular, live, online Masterclasses, along with curated resources so people can own their menopause. Founder, Lesley Salem is on a mission to remove the muddle and stigma from menopause for both individuals and organisations.