'Menopause Masterclass 1 - Demystifying the menopause

Menopause Masterclass 2: Pelvic Health

Menopause Masterclass 2: Pelvic Health


Menopause Masterclass 2: Pelvic Health

Despite millions of women experiencing menopause at some point, Two in three women feel unprepared and surprised by menopause.

Information on menopause is confusing, conflicting, misleading and overwhelming.With busy lives, who’s got time to trawl through the internet to work out what’s accurate?

Always Discreet are on a mission to redefine menopause to help you live your menopause, your way.

During this stage, you may experience bladder leaks, and Always Discreet is committed to ensuring women feel empowered to navigate their symptoms with confidence at every stage of their life - whether that be with their bladder leak products or by driving education on topics that society considers to be taboo.

We’ve teamed up with Over The Bloody Moon, a team of global clinicians and menopause specialists, educating, equipping, and empowering people through their menopause to help you take charge of your change.

“Pelvic and Intimate Health” Menopause Masterclass

More than 30% women over 18 experience bladder leaks and post menopause this increases to 60%. And yet it’s a topic that is rarely spoken about. Most women don’t seek help until it’s too late. This workshop introduces you to daily self-care rituals to boost your pelvic and vulva-vaginal health.

We’ll be joined by Nicola Travlos, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist at Invictus Pelvic Health to show us how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly whilst Dr Sharma and Dr Wright, from Spiced Pear Health share their tips to help us avoid vaginal atrophy, a common condition triggered by menopause.

There is a wide variety of Always Discreet incontinence products for bladder weakness to meet the needs of all women. These draw away moisture and neutralise odour.

By the end of this Masterclass, you'll be more equipped and motivated to practice intimate self-care.

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