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How to talk about sensitive bladder?

Be the first to bring it up.

Approach the subject of bladder sensitivity rather than waiting for your partner to ask you about it. If you’ve been behaving in a way that’s out of character, the truth may come as a relief to your partner, who may have been jumping to worse conclusions.

How do you start the conversation?

Your partner may have noticed your sensitive bladder or commented on your frequent trips to the bathroom, or your reluctance to join him in certain activities, so this is a great place to start. For example, you could introduce it by “I’ve been needing to go to the bathroom much more than I used to and that’s why I have trouble enjoying my time in confined places like the cinema or long car rides when there is no easy access to toilets.” This will help you explain your change in behaviour, while letting him know how bladder sensitivity is affecting you.

Go slow so he can take time to understand it.

Although your partner will most likely be supportive, it’s important to remember that he may have no idea about bladder sensitivity and what you’re going through and why. Tell him about the symptoms of a sensitive bladder, describe how they’re affecting your life, and their impact on your relationship.

Let him know that bladder sensitivity is a common condition among women.

Help your partner understand how, why and who experiences bladder sensitivity. Reassure him that you’re managing your sensitive bladder with specific incontinence products like liners, pads and pants and explain that you are working on improving your bladder sensitivity.

Keep talking.

Encourage your partner to ask questions and raise any concern so you can work together to deal with bladder sensitivity. This means you have someone to talk to about your sensitive bladder, and you have the practical support you need.

Claire, Administrator, 35: "It’s been nine years and I don’t keep my sensitive bladder to myself any more – now I have my husband and closest friends to turn to for support.”

Mary, Cleaner, 44: "It’s taken me a while, but now I speak to my husband, family and my closest friends about my bladder sensitivity.”

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