Middle aged woman practicing on the floor

How to do pelvic floor exercises

  1. Try to do these pelvic floor exercises regularly. After emptying your bladder, sit comfortably upright with your legs crossed or lie down with your knees bent.
  2. Contract muscles around your vagina. Now pretend your vagina is a lift and you are going upwards. Be sure not to use your bum or thigh muscles. Hold these weak bladder exercises for at least 4 seconds. The more often you do these pelvic floor exercises, the ‘higher’ you can go.
  3. Slowly exhale through your mouth and gradually release the hold. Repeat 10 times and practise three times per day. Try to do your pelvic floor exercises every day.
  4. A different incontinence exercise is to lie on the floor and gradually lift your bottom upwards. Hold your muscles tight, hold the position and gradually let go. Try to do these weak bladder exercises regularly.
  5. A firm bum also helps support your pelvic floor. With your knees bent and hands on the floor, lift left leg back without moving hips. Hold for 1 minute. Switch legs. Do 3 to 5 times with each leg. Hold these weak bladder exercises for at least 4 seconds. The more often you do these incontinence exercises, the ‘higher’ you can go.

How do I know the incontinence exercises are working?

You can test your pelvic floor muscles with a simple stop-start test. When visiting the loo, begin to urinate and cut off the flow by contracting the muscles. If you experience better control than before, you know the pelvic floor exercises are working.

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