• ALWAYS DISCREET Boutique Incontinence Pads offer incredible protection with a fabric-like feel
  • Made differently - Turns liquid to gel and locks it away
  • Flexible and discreet design for a smooth fit under clothes
  • Number one combination of protection and softness within the Always Discreet pads range
  • ALWAYS DISCREET Boutique Incontinence Pads Small are ideal for light leaks

Super soft

Beautifully designed

You will love the softness of Always Discreet Boutique. With their fabric-like feel, these pads feel more like your favourite underwear and blend beautifully under your clothes.

Invisible comfort

Fits close to body

Always Discreet Boutique is made to fit discreetly, so you can wear what you want.

Comfortably protected

Super absorbent core

You’re most comfortable when you’re confident in your bladder protection. With Always Discreet Boutique, you don’t have to worry, thanks to a layered core that instantly turns liquid into gel, absorbing wetness and odours.


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