The partners of ALWAYS DISCREET

Wellbeing of women

ALWAYS DISCREET and Wellbeing of Women working in partnership to improve the lives of women, today and tomorrow

At Wellbeing of Women we share New ALWAYS DISCREET’s desire to improve the lives of women suffering from urinary incontinence (UI), through raising awareness of the issue and breaking taboos around the subject. We are delighted to be working with them.

Sensitive bladder problems can be extremely debilitating and many women suffer in silence. More awareness and research is needed so women can be freed from these problems. Wellbeing of Women are funding research into this often neglected area of women’s health and are committed, with the support of new ALWAYS DISCREET, to continue research into UI to further help women living with sensitive bladder.

“Wellbeing of Women is delighted to have joined forces with New ALWAYS DISCREET. Living with urinary incontinence can be very difficult, and a solution that allows women to be healthy, active and confident is urgently needed. Thousands of women have to deal with this condition every day and so it is fantastic that P&G are launching some great products that meet their needs. We are thrilled to be partners and look forward to the journey ahead.”

Fiona Leishman
Chief Executive, Wellbeing of Women

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